Aktuelle Bilder vom Bau des Kindergartens in Mlangali

Fth. Paternus schikt aktuelle Bilder vom Bau des Kindergartens und schreibt dazu:

Many greetings from the UVIKKANJO Lupanga and Mlangali. We hope all the members of Team Tanzania and KJG are welland the spring season is knocking the door.
For us is still raining and the maize is growing well. As our food crop we are happy for that. Fr. John Bosco will have his Jubilee of 25 years of his preasthood this year. Thanks be to God.
I sent you the pictures of what we have done by the money you donated us last time through Whatsup.
We managed to finish and cover the teachers house, we have built then toilets and covered it, we built the foundation of the kitchen and the store and we have bought the wire of the electricity to the site.
We would like to thank you for your donation.

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